IT Consulting + Internet Services for Special Events and Conferences

Full management of an Event's IT needs including, temporary internet solutions

IT Consulting and Internet Services for Conferences and Events


  • IT Consulting for conferences, trade shows and events is an area that Presentation Management Systems specializes. We provide turn-key IT solutions that improve an event’s data security, data collection, data management and network speed while simultaneously reducing the related IT costs. Our IT Consulting Services properly map out and plan an event’s IT requirements. The most cost-effective way to deliver an event’s wired and wireless networks is always a component of our IT Consulting.
    • Our IT Consulting Services are best utilized by allowing us to review your even’ts IT needs well in advance of the conference start date
    • By engaging with us, you will have a transparent, detailed view of what your even’ts IT needs include and how much it should cost
    • We consistently find ways to improve network speeds and security while simultaneously reducing unneeded IT expenses 
    • We work directly with Tier 1 Internet Service Providers to provide additional internet connection options for our clients rather than relying solely upon the venue’s IT provider; options include: fiber, satellite, and cellular internet connections for venues around the world
    • Implementation of the highest available bandwidth options for a market area or a specified venue are options we provide to our clients
    • We deliver industry-leading 10-80Gbps SFP+ supported routing and servers for all events, which enables us to move event data at the fastest possible transmit and receive speeds
    • Maximizing technology savings, increasing network security and reliability starts with our IT pre-production assessments + IT planning services
    • Once the event starts, we actively manage its wired and wireless networks, our dedicated, customized infrastructure improves reliability, security and performance
    • Event internet bandwidth assessments, IT service ordering, IT set-up and management
    • Customized and secure Virtual Private Networks ‘VPN’ solutions for events improves data security are available through our IT Consulting and Engineering
    • Internet services for a single day to a permanent, on-site installation are options we deliver
    • Lower costs for high bandwidth applications is an on-going goal of our ours
    • Network engineers, system administrators, and programmers are available on-site to insure all IT related tasks are actively managed

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